R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D.

R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D.

Random Facts

11405 Big Canoe
Jasper, GA
Email: todd@rtodd.com

You don’t know much about me.

Let's fix that. Here are a few facts, opinions, perspectives and other useless information

My 39 Years’ Experience in IT started at 18 years old; as a night time computer operator

NCAA Student Athlete – Member of the Columbus State University Golf Team

Ph.D. is not in Metadata as many think, but Human Computer Interaction and Trust

Dallas Cowboy’s Fan… Just one more Super Bowl before I pass, please…

GOAT: Nicklaus, not Woods

Second passions include financial planning, retirement planning, and investing

Favorite Saying: “It’s a hundred floors of frights, they can’t all be winners”

My dog is named Sweet Pea, prior dog was Paris Jr., and the one before that was Paris. All went by the same name. “P, you hungry?”

Enjoy working on my 2009 Ranger and the 2009 Wrangler which is in eternal purgatory state of repair

Favorite childhood toy is from 1967; Caption Lazer (Standing on the Mantel, to the wife’s dismay)

My putter is called Phat Daddy due to the big grip and large head. The driver is called big red (it's just red)

Most embarrassing moment: Falling out of a ski lift. Ouch…

Favorite Car: 1985 300ZX (Owned 2 of them, but a Magnum PI Ferrari 308 would be great too)

I met my wife at a swimming pool and tennis court; that was 30 ago (lbs or years, you pick)

Biggest struggle was four high schools in three years (Everything else in life has been a piece of cake)

Best concert attended was AC/DC and the Back in Black Tour. We sat right next to the giant bell.

I drink from styrofoam cups because they don’t bleed in the Georgia humidity

Most famous golf playing partner? Davis Love III, High School Tournament in Warner Robins

Celebrity Selfie? Ran into Scotty from Star Trek at the airport lounge in Philadelphia.

My first computer was the TRS-80 from Radio Shack. Don't look that up, it was before your time.